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1. I cannot smell anything relating to my own Leakygas as well as many others have stated family and those their in a relationship with seem to not be able to tell its there, while at work i've gotten many comments sucks as(why would i sit around your nasty ass, some people don't know how to wipe their ass, etc etc) definitely not a figment of my imagination. When it gets real bad mainly from physical activity and i go to the stall i almost get the sensation of an over pungent stale or semi sweet smell, its very hard to notice and if not for attempts to really notice it id have passed it off as just some other irregular smell in the bathrooms.

2. I'm currently going on 4 to 5 years now, and I can attest that it also got worse overtime while i didn't know what to do and was looking for answers, recently with exercise and a healthy diet i can certainly say many signs of improvement have come and i feel like i'm starting to get it under control (Mainly potency, time it takes for it to show)

3. Anxiety from strangers really provokes my leakygas, I even consider strangers people i've worked with for months or years, just the thought of being a burden to their nose is enough to set it off, in a work environment of my own it seems to be a whole lot less invasive.

4. Mine is not flatulence either.

5. The heat is always the telltale sign for me that the leakygas is occurring as well as sometimes a feeling of debris being right at the anus while when checked nothing is there in the slightest. It always occurs from physical activity or anxiety causing situations. The feeling i have is the warmth right at the anus.

6. All the doctors i've seen can never seem to find anything wrong and i have to push them in order to advance my case with studies and tests, they as well say they cant ever smell anything while i'm at an appointment with them and I bring up the bad odor problem.

7. In a public setting the leakygas getting worse while sitting has occurred to me, id guess mine relates to thinking about it, and therefore surprise it decides to show up to make everything worse, at home though never does it worsen over time from sitting.

8. My LG use to get worse such as yours after having a bowel movement which terrified me so i tried my upmost to never use the restroom at work, but after my recent exercises and diet the bathroom almost seems to alleviate the smell and warmth around my anus for a decent period of time anyways. Seems like the attempt to hold it in for myself almost makes it worse, but this is only a recent development which i equate to my exercises and diet.

9. Don't really need to restate what everyone else states on this point, were all sort of in agreement here.

10. I've tried a few things such as hemorrhoid banding/injections, colonoscopy, candida diet(Crock of shit), manometry(Biofeedback), lots and lots of exercises.

I'm not going to try and swing you one way or the other because were all the same but still different, theres 2 sides as to what people believe are the primary factors and those groups are Dietary, and the other being Exercise. The diet folks have seem to found a diet that reduces the smell entirely through a severely strict and nutrition lacking diet, while the exercise side has members who have completely cured the issue with the feelings and smell dissipating. I myself am of the theory that exercise is the solution, but know whichever that you choose you will need to be very strict on yourself and do what needs to be done, it might even take months to see some results but you need to find your motivation to push through and continue. Everyone I believe when they have a bad episode they lose every bit of motivation and gain a fuck it mentality, but thats the point you need to be the strongest and push through knowing that things will get better, for me and everyone else i believe are willing to give everything for this issue to be solved, but in the face of the overwhelming work it can be very daunting and almost disheartening, but just keep going and do your best.

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