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I am 48 yo and have had this problem since I was at least 10 yo.
I usually have gas at some level everyday.
Occasionally I will have a day where I am happy to be alive because I "believe" that somehow a miracle happened and I think that I do not have gas today!
I will feel non-bloated, won't feel the need to fart, then when at the office people will start opening windows and spraying air freshener. Or people will put a finger underneath their noses and chuckle.
My parents never smelled me when I was growing up so I could not explain to them that this was really happening.
When I could get my mother to take me to see a doctor, the doctor would never be able to help me and would even make some pretty disrespectful comments.
My 11yo son doesn't have any issues letting me know that I am making stinky farts and embarrassing him.

I am eating meals that are a single item such as eating a plate of a vegetable or piece of meat and waiting 3-4 hours before eating anything else and writing down how I react after each.
This has been really helpful because foods that I thought bothered me before are just fine when not combined with anything else.

I am realizing that I seem to have a big problems with fats and oils.

I had a steak the other day with olive oil sautéed mushrooms a piece of steak and goat cheese. I got so bloated and crampy and the gas was rank. so the next night I had the steak with the same goat cheese and was just fine.

I got sick because of the olive oil and the fatty steak did not mix in my system.

I also tried the same mushrooms by themselves with no issue.

Anyways, this is how I am going about tracking my issues down.
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