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How many here found IBS to be related to FRUCTANS (part of FODMAP)?

I am not going to completely say Im cured because it's only day 7 and I've been there before with symptoms of NOCEBO, and find that changing my diet to ANYTHING improves my condition for a few days.

Just for those who don't know:
FRUCTANS: Garlic, onions


dates and prunes



wheat, barley and rye

Prior to trying this and having rules out CELLIAC and 9 months on GLUTEN FREE, I was starting each day with a bowel of Museli / with saltanas and raisins in it. (Yes all Fructans)

But also a regular eater of Onions and Garlic.

So for the first part of my FODMAP DIET with the intention of going through all the groups, (not just FRUCTANS), I removed the bowel of cereal and put in place 2 eggs each morning and ceased onions and garlic. (the rest of my diet is already low gluten favouring potatoes) .

Anyhow, it all seems to have worked except my bad back is massively aggravated as I assume the shape of my spine is being pushed against by the bowels. A bad back is something I have constantly but appears connected to bowel issues.

Any thoughts of encouragement appreciated?!

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I can eat wheat and rye, no problem. I don't seem sensitive to anything containing gluten. But everything else on that list would make me "go like crazy" and so I couldn't ever eat the other foods there.
With me, I think it's something about the fiber not necessarily the fructans etc. If a food has less fiber I can usually eat it.

I have a bad lower back too, since 1997. I have a misalignment in the hips, one leg longer than the other and some spinal scoliosis.
Whenever I have a gut flare up my back aches too.
I often wonder if the bad alignment of my pelvic/back area has a large part to play in my IBS. It may be interfering with nerves, the vagus nerve, or muscle activity. I don't know to be honest.
I would say if you have identified something (fructans?) that give you a bad time, and you are better without them, then that's good detective work.
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