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How many people with D use QUESTRAN?

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As I read the posts here,I often wonder how many people are using the Questran for the D. I have been on it close to 2 months,and I cannot imagine how I survived without it. I do believe now I am a Levbid and Questran junkie.. Man if someone tried to steal it, or if it went off the market I can just imagine the lengths I would go to get my hands on it. Ha..
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I use Questran. It has helped a lot.
I use Questran Light and it has made a big difference. It is great stuff. My only concern is that the information I've seen on it has said that it has caused tumors in laboratory animals. I don't have the exact information right now. But because of that, I only take Questran on days that I know I'll be out of the house.
Are these prescription drugs? I haven't been formally diagnosed with IBS. I started testing in 1994 but chickened out when they wanted to put a tube down my throat into my stomach. It's not been that bad until the last couple months. I used to have D episodes every few months, but the last couple months it's been almost once a week. I alternate from c to d, too. I guess I better break down and get that test done.
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That tube down the throat, to me was no big deal.I was asleep and they found the Hpyloric bacteria..Yes the medicines are prescription..My heart just breaks when I read all the posts about uncontrollable diarreah, ( which I have had) and Im hoping people who havent heard of Questran ,at least talk to their drs. about it..
Okay,I'll share, but I'm really afraid of jinxing my good luck...... I have been taking Cholestyramine for just over a week. (another name for Questran) I take one packet mixed with water each AM. (I'll warn you, it tastes awful, but I don't care! I'd eat dirt if it will work!)So far, so great! I came right out and asked my doctor if there were any meds that actually WORKED for IBS, or if I would just have to try 1,000 things that never really helped. (I have tried Lotronex and Calcium without much help) He told me that he has lots of IBS patients having good results with Cholestyramine! It's cheap ($10/2 months with insurance and it's my understanding that you can take it while pregnant since it is really just a binding resin and not actually absorbed by the body)So, give it a try! Here's hoping for continued success.....morning
Bump for Lotronex users looking for something else to try!
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