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1st Check any current meds even over the counter to see what the side effects are. See if it is okay to take calcium with them. Stop all over the counter stuff that you can and do not take vitamins.2nd Be sure you have the right form of calcium. Calcium carbonate with vitamin D for starters. Or you can use the calcium carbonate with Vitamin D and other minerals.3rd Take them with food at least 4 or 5 hours apart.4th If your worse time is in the morning instead of taking the one with dinner take it at bedtime with a small snack.Be sure to start with 1/2 tablet at each of your 3 daily meals for the first 3 days to adjust.After the 3 days you can get a feel of how they effect you and you can adjust up or down. It is safe to take 1800 MG a day as long as your body is processing calcium correctly.You can email me if you want the full sheet of info on calcium or if you have other questions.LindaLinda (D-Type)If I don't take my calcium. Gall Bladder removed in 1976 and suffered with urgent diarrhea until I started
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