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How much Magnesium?

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Hello,I currently take 1000 mg of Magnesium a day. It works wonders for me.Im curious if I am taking to much or doing damage to my body??I dont feel anything, but just want to make sure.
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well i was taking 500mg a day but i have stopped again i only took it for about a month and it did work wonders , but then i read that if u use it on a day to day basic it can cause damage to ur calcium and fosfor in ur body so now i have stopped again , untill i know for sure if its good or bad says on my box that for constipation u can take 1000 - 1500 when u need it ...Im trying aloe vere juice now to see if that works
Hi. I believe I read somewhere here among the threads, that 1000mg of Magnesium a day is the max your suppose to take in a day (that includes what you take in eating). Also, when your taking in alot of Magnesium, you need to up your calcium intake as well. The two work together & you need both in about the same amount or else you start getting cramps in your legs or something from lack of calcium. You may want to check out some of the old posts on Magnesium, cause my memory isn't so good
. Good luck.
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Thanks for the info. I actually do take a Calcuim/Magnesium combo and it works well.
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