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how my doc appt went. Not a total loss this time.

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Well. Appt wasn't a complete loss. While he said that Lotronex might be comming back, he also said that there are 2 others in the works now. One that will come out in January to help those with IBS-C, and then another one in the sprin that is for those that alternate between D and C. But like he also said, it doesn't really help much now. He did tell me about this new mixture out, I'm not sure if it can be gotten anywhere but NH because there is only one pharmacy in the that mixes it. It is called the Lahey Mixture. Put out by the Lahey clinics. It contains Belladonna, Phenobarbital, and mixed with peppermint water. Tastes really bitter, but he said to mix it in water. dosage is 1/2 tsp before meals and at bedtime. I will let you all know if it works for me. Took first dose 1/2 hour before supper. Can't really tell if it is working because I felt awful allday anyway>LOL. He also said to try Celebrex for pain. Said it's new, better than advil, aleve, and tylenol, and aspirin all together. Works like aspirin but has no aspirin in it. (good for those that are allergic to aspirin). He is having me try it for the pain in my leg i get because of a blood clot and another one forming in same leg, but he also said it may help with some pain in my gut. Worth a try. Has to be approved by insurance company and it is a perscription, but hey if it works for me I will let you know and you can ask your doc for some samples.Well, have to go wrap xmas gifts now. Keep your spirits up!------------------It can only get better from here I hope!Sandi
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Sandi,Ever try Vioxx?? It works GREAT!! Like the aspirin, Ibuprofin. I took it for 2 days but guts started bleeding.
Thats just me though. It really helped ALL the pain and inflamation though. I would KILL for an anti-inflammatory that I could take. While in hospital they gave me turodol by IV. Not narcotic and I was in heaven!!! Can't take it IV. Good luck to you.
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Sandi: These drugs are as old as I can sounds like something our old family doctor would come up with....he was great! I'll bet it helps!Hope you find relief and please keep us informed./Barbara------------------BJV/Female__(D)
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