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How often do you re-listen?

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Hi all. Sorry it has been so long since I have checked in. I was doing wonderfully until this past week. I went to a new doctor and he changed my meds which my body really didn't like. I am going to listen to a few of the tapes again in the next few days to try to get back on track again. My question often do you listen to the tapes once you are done with the 100 days. Should I have been listening to them every once in awhile. I haven't listen to them at all since finishing the tapes. But, I was doing so well and could eat pretty much whatever I wanted with very little problem until I stopped taking one of my meds.Kim
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Hi Kim,Many people have continued to improve long after they have completed the 100 days of sessions; so it is not mandatory that you continue to listen. However, it does not hurt to listen to your favorite sessions as needed or desired. Just keep along with the guidelines of at least 6 hrs between hearings. Otherwise, no real problems. The changes continue to occure though sublte..hope this helps to answer a bit. Perhaps Mike or Eric will see this and add a bit to it. Take care!
~ Marilyn
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Hi Kim & Marilyn,Good advise from Marilyn.If you let me knwo your favourite side and email me on I will structure a revised listening schedule for you
Best RegardsMike
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