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Alright, so, to breifly sum up my stomach complications, I had a severe throwing up problem (6-8x's daily ages 2-6), then hospitalized for constipation (3x's ages 8-11), andddd then one day I got nervous and had diarrhea at school in the fifth grade due to a "no restroom access rule for two hours of standardized testing". And from that day forward I now get diarrhea every time I step foot, or know I will soon be stepping foot, out of my house. So, no, a diet will not work for me. It may slightly improve my symptoms, but it won't solve anything. I've missed a lot of school and even when I do go it is a huge struggle and is very uncomfortable and unenjoyable. The mornings are the worse. Usually when I can get distracted it'll fade away, and once I know I only have a few hours left I'm relieved and it's pretty much completely gone. This year I'm starting highschool and I'm super pumped about it. I got into an alternative high school and the programs awesome. If I can go to school and not slip through I can graduate half a year - a year early to travel the world and intern places. Buttt one of the awesome things is traveling between campuses which means having 4-6 15 minute bus rides every single day. Not good for ibs. BUT a pro is I get an hour each day to walk around the town and get lunch out to or go to a park or just relax in the lobby, or on a bench, whatever. So this is nice to know I'll have some time each day to calm down. I've tried meditating but the effects don't really last once I actually go out. Like I'll meditate 10 minutes before and be fine but once I snap out of it it's like I never meditated.
Now this wasn't my first resort to write on this page. I've searched the Internet vigorously for an answer, but all ive gotten is articles ABOUT mind guy connection and agoraphobia. YES I get that they're connected and I understand every last detail on how anxiety is directly affiliated with your gut, but not a single thing tells you HOW to cure it. I just want to go live like a normal teen until maybe I could get a job where I feel safe with a bathroom near. At school my classes will be 90 mins long so having to sit through that may be kinda hard. Also I've resorted to getting adult diapers XD I havent tried them yet but I'm hoping it'll help me feel a ton more secure. A fifteen year old in a diaper while everyone else is fancying over lacey thongs :p haha. I do take 6-8 off brand imodium pills a day when going out, I am also on Amitriptyline or Elavil. While this does control my anxiety levels, it's not much help to my gut. Sometimes I won't even feel the emotion of anxiety, but just knowing I'm leaving the house will cause it. So I need help on what to do and fast. School starts in a week and I'm lost. I just want to enjoy it. My doc has recommended theropy, but we can't afford it so I hope someone online can pass on advice from their learning. thanks :)
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