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As background, I have IBS-C where my constipation was well regulated with Miralax but having a lot of pain. I was having limited success with IBGard about an hour before my evening meal. I also take pantoprazole in the morning for reflux. I also take levothyroxine which has to be taken alone at least an hour before anything else. I usually take the levo in the wee hours when I get up to pee, pantoprazole when I wake up in the morning (as long as it's at least an hour later), and then breakfast half hour after that.

My doctor prescribed Linzess instead of the miralax, and my pain seems to be less but I am constipated again, so they advised going back on the Miralax in addition to the Linzess (145 mcg) which can also be increased if needed.

Since Linzess also wants to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning, I tried taking it with my pantoprazole. It seems to be interfering as I am getting more reflux now. Pharmacist advises to take pantoprazole alone, possibly before the evening meal. Which then leaves me a question of when to take the IBGard. The pharmacist didn't seem sure about whether the IBGard would mess with the pantoprazole if taken at the same time, OR if the pantoprazole would mess with the IBGard. (My understanding is that if you take it on a non-empty stomach, it can cause the enteric coating to be disolved too early, releasing the mint in the stomach, instead of the intestines, and causing reflux.

So to sum up my new schedule looks like:

early a.m. levothyroxine
upon waking linzess
30 mins later, breakfast

30 mins before dinner: Pantoprazole

I think I want to try the IBGard either 30-60 minutes before the Pantoprazole, or take the Pantoprazole like 90 minutes before dinner, the IBGard an hour after that, and then dinner half hour later.

Anyone know how those two might interact?

My belly pain is worst in the evening, so I want to get the IBGard in in the afternoon/evening.

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