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I'm a C 95% of the time, then the D comes as a big surprise. Would that make me an A? I haven't gotten an official diagnosis, but I've learned not to expect one. When I was young, i had extremely painful periods. The doctors gave me diuretics and pain pills. Years later when I could not get pregnant I learned I had Stage 4 endometriosis -- all my reproductive gear was twisted and frozen in decades worth of adhesions. When I was tired all the time my doctor gave me valium for depression when what I had was narcolepsy. For two years I slept upright in a chair and religiously took my prescriptions for acid indigestion. Unfortunately, I had GERD due to an extremely large and undiagnosed hiatal hernia. A nissen fundoplication fixed it but too late to avert the Barrett's Esophagus. Well, I think i have IBS but no one will tell me anything. A marker test shows it takes two weeks for things to pass through me. A colonoscopy revealed my colon is almost 8' long, undoubtedly from chronic constipation. My stomach pain occasionally brings me to my knees and the ER. I get discharged pumped full of anti-nausea and pain meds. My GI doctor sends me to a colo-rectal surgeon, who tells me he doesn't see a reason to operate. So I go my way until i'm back to the ER and the cycle repeats. No one is telling me why they disagree with the other. I am so tired of this. I can't eat most things. I have bloating gas and work in a cubicle.
And I was just getting my last hospital bill down when i had to go back in yesterday. BTW: The Bristol poop test is missing the golfball turds. I look like i have ab muscles where my colon blocks up. Usually I deal with it better than this, but I'm still sore and nauseated. And that's my "howdya do." I feel better already.
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