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I recently (5.5 weeks ago) had a total abdominal hysterectomy and am now on HRT patch. How is this going to affect my IBS? Make it worse, better, change it? I've had so many people tell me they didn't think hormones had anything to do with stomach troubles but I beg to differ! I'm 95% sure they do. My HRT dose may be too low as I'm still having hot flashes and occasional night sweats. Lately I've been having sleepless nights too. Just started on the patch 5 days ago so will give it some more time to work. The oral HRT made my tummy hurt worse so I switched. Hope this works!Thanks!
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tprose, I had my hysterectomy in April.everythings gone except my right ovary which does not work all the time.When it's sleeping I feel much better than when it wakes up and goes getting the body system all riled up.HRT is not my most favorite substance so I'm afraid I might be a little biased towards the negative in that department.I have chosen to remain HRT free as long as possible.Yes, it has had it's rough spots but I also have chosen a non hormonal way of addressing the problems.For me, Esrogen just wrecks havoc with my body.Anything that looks and acts like estrogen just gets my belly all irritable.I can't even eat soy foods or soy products.Regarding the hot flashes, the debate is on whether the hormone is too low or if the hot flash arrives when the body is trying to regulate the hormonal levels that are shifting.Let me know how the new therapy is working out for you.Good luck. It's a trial and error sort of process when dealing with the hormonal monster.Hugs,Kamie
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