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We think. He only has problems when under great stress. He came home from work yesterday very upset with the way things are going there. He was complaining all night long. They have cut his hours, cut his pay and increased his workload. I feel so bad for him. He woke up early this morning (3 - 4 o'clock)with bad cramps and D. He dragged himself into work late. I suggested he see his dr and maybe get something to help him deal with the stress. He is sticking it out because of the good benefits, particularly the great health insurance (which we really need right now), and the flexibility. Also, there is nothing out there in his field right now. I feel bad that I can't seem to help him with any of this because I am under stress too from my infertility treatments and my own IBS, which hasn't been good lately. My Sybil-like mood swings from the hormone treatments sure don't help! Anyway, thanks for listening if you made it this far.
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