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Hummmmm [email protected]@k at this site, your views?

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Well it seems to good to be true?Check out what i found Charlie
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Hmmmmmmmmmm, well Charlie you're probably right, it probably is too good to be true. I couldn't find the price or even how to order the product. Boy it surely sounds promising though doesn't it???
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I checked out this site and also had a hard time finding pricing info - finally did though. Here is the US info:x 1 at Total US $30.55 �(incl. $6.60 p&p) x 2 at Total US $55.80 �(incl. $8.80 p&pThe claims seem fairly believable to me since most are stating they are having good results - rather than "miracle cures" by using the product.I tend to believe the cure for ibs is a fairly simple one for each of us. For me it was cutting out a few trigger foods. However, I never would have believed that - in fact I never believed it till all my symptoms went away!If anyone does try this - please post about your results, good or bad. RumbleGirl
Hi Charlie! I haven�t been on the board for awhile. I hope your doing good! I�m not sure what to think about it. I think I�m getting a little skeptical to all these claims but then again we can�t give up!If anyone decides to try this, please keep us up to date on if it worked for you or not.
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