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Hyomax sub vs Imodium?

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I've been using Imodium to handle IBS-D flares. It was often taking 5 Imodium tablets to handle a typical flare.I asked my doctor if there was anything else I could take and he prescribed Hyomax sub 0.125 mcg AS NEEDED. He did say that if the flares were happening really often then take 1 tab every 4 hours. He also said I could take a tab BEFORE a flare if I was pretty sure that a flare was coming - haven't tried that yet. :(So has anyone else had to make this choice - hyomax sub vs Imodium - and what worked for you?I'm having a flare this morning and have taken 2 hyomax sub tabs in the past 2 hours to try to get things under control again. Imodium would probably take the same amount of time but I bet I'd be taking more tablets of Imodium.Thoughts?
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Very helpful information and explanation, Kathleen! I think I understand now.Since this was my first visit to my doc regarding IBS, he probably wanted to start me on something mild to see how it worked. He's also well-known for his opinion that "most issues" that are stress-related will go away on their own without treatment, once the stress eases, which it almost always does. I do not agree with this but that's his opinion.It sounds like the 2 meds work in different ways, so I could take them at the same time if need be.Thanks again!
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