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Hyomax sub vs Imodium?

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I've been using Imodium to handle IBS-D flares. It was often taking 5 Imodium tablets to handle a typical flare.I asked my doctor if there was anything else I could take and he prescribed Hyomax sub 0.125 mcg AS NEEDED. He did say that if the flares were happening really often then take 1 tab every 4 hours. He also said I could take a tab BEFORE a flare if I was pretty sure that a flare was coming - haven't tried that yet. :(So has anyone else had to make this choice - hyomax sub vs Imodium - and what worked for you?I'm having a flare this morning and have taken 2 hyomax sub tabs in the past 2 hours to try to get things under control again. Imodium would probably take the same amount of time but I bet I'd be taking more tablets of Imodium.Thoughts?
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They do two different things.The Hyomax sublingual is more for pain/cramps than for stopping up the diarrhea like Imodium does.So you may need some combinations. Sometimes relaxing the smooth muscles will prevent the diarrhea attack but it isn't likely to stop you up.Antispasmodics like the Hyomax are commonly prescribe to take 20-30 minutes before a meal and from what I've seen with a similar drug it usually does more good when you have it in place rather than trying to play catch up once the pain is bad.Antispasmodics are a little bit constipating, so that may be enough, but some people don't get enough diarrhea relief from them. On the other hand Immodium really doesn't do anything for the pain.
Since the hyomax is a little constipating I would drop your Imodium dose down when you first try doing them together, but they can be used in combination.
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