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Hyoscyamine Pain, Horrible!

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Has anyone has this similiar experience? Last night, against my wife's warnings, I ate Subway, Sour cream & Onion Chips, and a Double Fudge Cookie... of course, later in the night, I was in HUGE pain. So, for the first time, at around 1:30 A.M. I took one Hyoscamine Sulf. 0.125 mg that the doctor gave me.. this was the first time I have ever taken it. It actually relieved the pain for about an hour - hour and a half, but then the pain was back FULL FORCE, maybe even more than it was originally, and I felt very wierd.. had a slight burning sensation in my chest and throat, hot/cold flashes, felt very dizzy, and had more severe stomach pain that lasted about 4 hours. Anyone had similiar experiences, could it have been because I took it on an empty stomach and not before a meal?
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Should have listened to your wife, anyhow you stuffed yourself. I do it to often and then have problems, but I do not take Hyoscyamine. I think you had some side effects from the Hyoscyamine. I do not think your stomach was empty when you took it as you had stuffed yourself. I use OTC Zantac.Hope you are feeling better.
Well, it was quite a few hours after I ate when I took the medicine. All I know is that it was one of the worst nights I have had. When I eat baked chicken, whole grain bread, plain white rice, etc. I am fine.. does anyone know of any other foods that are okay for me?
I agree, next time listen to your wife.
When you are young you can eat like that in the evening and sleep like a baby but the older you get the more you have to whtch what, when, and how much you eat. Take heed, don't over eat.
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