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Hypnosis changed my D to C, and what I did about it

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I'm almost done with Mike's tapes. I've been doing great, but last week I was having trouble with C for about 5 days. I took out tape 3 again, and went to the part about altering the speed of digestion with the pedals. I just speeded it up again slightly, and have been fine since. In other words, I fine-tuned my digestive tract. Pretty cool![This message has been edited by AZmom1 (edited 05-07-2000).]
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That's fantastic, AZ. I'm on day 90 myself and sure am going to miss them when I'm finished. I've used side 4 when I've experienced cramping, and it works!
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Hi AZ & Jean,You doing absolutely the right thing
Good to hear your doing good
Best RegardsMike
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Glad to hear this and I have not had to do it yet, but I have used what I was taught in the tapes and found it very effective. I have listen to them twice since I have been done in the last three months just for fun and the relaxation. Although I believe this just reinforces the techniques.Three months later still in shock this worked so well
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