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Hypnotherapy for IBS

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Having specialised for the last 7 years in seeing IBS patients, and using specific hypnotherapy processes with sufferers, I have recently received requests from IBS sufferers who want to try this method of helping with the symptoms, asking how can they be sure the therpaist is not going to rip them off financially?All I can offer is a list of questions to ask any Hypnotherapist who says they know the condition,( along with some answers of course!) so you can judge for yourself if they know the condition.However follow your instinct.If you woudl like a copy of the questions, please - there is no fee for this info.Hope it helps
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Mike, Since you've been treating patients with IBS, I wonder if you could relate how well and under what circumstances hypnotherapy helps with IBS.thanks,
Why not simply post the Q and A here? It seems like less work on your part and much less on the collective whole who has to email you individually.
Yes, please do post the Q & A here if you can. Flux has made a good suggestion. I did e-mail you asking for this information, but haven't heard from you yet. (Not nagging...just mentioning that I e-mailed you. I'm sure you are busy.)Quite the skeptic, I am, however, seriously considering hypnotherapy. Someone whose opinion I value has been working on me to try hypnosis for my IBS.Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you to those who have replied. The reason I did not post the information on the board is becuase I do not know whether it would break any rules, secondly, its easier for us to copy and paste documents, but for some reason this board does not seem to allow me to do that, and my typing is not the best!Hypnotherapy has been used in the UK for helping IBS sufferers for well over 10 years, it is proving to be an effective method for many sufferers.I conducted a medical research project in 1996 which last 12 months, it was audited by the ethics committe. The results showed an overall improvement of 80% in symptomatolgy and frequency. Since thewn I have conducted my own patient trials over a two year period with improvements in symptoms and duration of 86.2% in my practice.Many sufferers are sceptical about hypnotherapy, but it is becomming ever more used. To those that emailed my practice, I apoligise for the delay, I am, unfortunately seeing more IBS sufferers that ever before.My practice sponsored the UK's first IBS Awareness evening bringing together medical professioanls, complementary therapists, drug companies and of course IBS sufferers.We also sponsor the UK Register of IBS Therapists, and are authors of the IBS Audio Program 100.While there are sceptics, which I understand, my 13 years in practice and 7 years specialising in IBS I have seen many which have changed their opinion.All I woudl say is be sceptical, but don't allow that scepticism to close potential avenues of help.Please accept apoligies if the formattion on the board does not fit the spaces or questions. Those that have received the deatils direct, will have recieved better tabulation.The questions I suggest you ask any Hypnotherapist who you consider seeing for IBS follow:Question: How long have you been practicing?Reason: Ask this question, becuase no matter how good a training school is, experience in the filed is also a great teacher. I personally wouldl not allow anyone who had not practiced full time for a minimum of 2 years to treat IBS. Why? Simply becuase it is a complex complaint, and there is no such thing as a typical IBS patinet, so expereince in the subject as well as hypnosis is needed.Question: Where did you train, and for how long?Reason: There are many training organisations, some offer postal correspondence courses(!), several weekends training and some months or years. I do not understand how a thing like hypnosis can be taught through the post, when it took me nearly 3 years plus an additional 12 months in service training. The same for weekend courses. If a therapist says it took them 2 years, for example, then find out if it was part time training or full time. Also ask about the school they trained with . There are many wonderfully impressive sounding organisations that sound good, but offer little. Don't be afrain to ask questions about the college or school, and then make enquiries about it.Question: Who are you insured with?Reason: All therapists should have adequate insurance cover. IN reality hypnosis is so safe and gentle if conducted properly, it is money for old rope for the insurance companies, but valuable all the same, just in case!question: Can I see your insurance cetificate?Reason: They should have it to hand. If they don't have it close by when you ask - be warned!Question: Can you help sufferers of IBS?Reason: Ask the question. If they can't then don't waste your time, if they say they will TRY it, move away, find someone else.Question: Please explain what IBS is to me.Reason: IBS is a functional digestive disorder with multiple symptomatology. Symptoms vary, there is no atypical patient. Ask them to name 8 symptoms - if they know their stuff, they shoudl easily be able to do this. If they don't ask you if you have been examined and diagnosed by your doctor, then don't use them. IbS cannot be self diagnosed, the therapist should know that.Ask the Therapist what the three recognised variations of IBS are ( D - functional Diarrhoea, C: Spastic Colon or constipation, PFMD - Primary Forgut Motility Disorder - which is an alternation between C & D )Question: How many sessions will it take ?Reason: You need to know this to help you budget. IBS shoudl be improving after 2 sessions and be much better by 5. Weekly sessions should not be taken, since the subconscious mind has to learn the new process of education. Sessions shoudl be conducted over a period of between 12 - 14 weeks.Question: How much will it cost?Reason: Perhaps the most obvious question. In the UK I recieve patients that are both paid for by their doctors and well as private patients. This varies throughout the country. And I expect from state to state.As a rule of thumb, be cuatious about parting with money - especially before you get anything for it.In the UK costs per session range from �20 - �100 ( Approx $32 - $160 ).Question: Where do the sessions take place?Reason: Do they have their own surgury, or is it a private home, or yours. Never be afraid to take someone with you. Also always have someone in the house if you invite people into your home. Most people are decent types, but you can never be sure.Question: Do I have to pay any money up front?Reason: Why should you? Some therapists charge a Client Fee! They want your business, why pay for them to take you onto their books, and then pay again for the sessions?Question: Do you recieve an audio tape of the session?Reason: Simply becuase you knwo the process will be speeded up if you are given an audio tape of the session you have taken ( not a pre recorded one). While pre-recorded tapes are all well and good, they rarely reflect the session you will have taken. Even if the quelity is not brilliant and there are background noises, your subconscious will recognise them and this will add to your comfort level. ( It is also a good safety mechanism, if everything is recorded!)Question: What are your success levels with IBS?Reason: You need to know that the money you spend, time and effort you take, that you stand a good chance of improvement.Question: Do you have letters from past clients with the same condition?Reason: At least it will show that he/she has helped others in the past.Question: Do they offer a Pre-Session Consultation and at what cost?Reason: All clinets are different. How do they propose to gather information about you, and be prepared for you if this is not done? Some therapsits offer free first consultations, others don't. Remember nothing is free, so don't go for the first offer.Questions to ask yourself:Did you feel comfortable with the Hypnotherapist?Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction?What was your instinct about the therapist?Is there easy/ free parking ?Are the premises easily acdessable?Are the premises neat and tidy?While your were with the Therapist - were you distracted or was the therpaist interupted?Was the buildin grelatively quiete - you don't need distractions when having therapy.Ask around - do your frineds know of a therapist?Can your doctor recommend a Hypnotherapist?Finally if you feel comfortable with all the above, then consider going ahead. Don't rush into it. Go away and think about it first.If you don't feel comfortable with things find another. After all its your time , money and health!I hope this proves of some use.Mike
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Thank you Mike, both for sending me an e-mail response and for posting your info here.I hope to pursue this some time soon.
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