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hypnotherapy success?

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For those who have tried the hypnotherapy 100 day program, around what time in the program did you start seeing/feeling results?I am currently on day 76 of the 100 day program and i can't really see any results or improvement of symptoms. My symptoms are the same as they were before i started the program. The only thing ive noticed is that i look at having IBS a bit more positively, i feel i can handle it a bit better. I know i still have more days but most people report that their symptoms start improving long before day 76. Is there still hope for me?
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I never really noticed a big imporvement in my syptoms while listening to the tapes but what i did notice was i didn't get that butterflies in the tummy feeling when having to leave the house. I didn't worry as much about going out, which made my symptoms a bit better.I was jsut feeling calmer.
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