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I've recently been diagnosed with IBS and my doctor suggested cognitive behaviour therapy. I have seen a therapist twice now and she believes that deep relaxation therapy will be good to help me deal with those 'OH MY GOD!' moments when I shove small children and elderly ladies out of my way as I dash to a loo! She also recommended Heathers site and I have bought Michael Mahoney's self hypnosis tapes.I'm 10 days or so into those and I am just wondering how you have all got on with them? Have you noticed any specific improvements in your being able to deal with panic moments? Although I fought the idea of the mind being involved my problems, I do now see a relationship between mind and gut and realise that, along with the very real physical problems, I am getting myself locked into 'predicting' my response to situations and I believe that therapy such as this will hopefully help deal with that.Any response gratefully received!Sally-Anne
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sally Anne, you should read this thread.
CBT and hypnotherapy successes sounds like you have a good and up to date doctor.Mike's tapes work gradually and its still early, but you should see a reduction in your anxiety and IBS and the symptoms. All the best on your journey and let us know how you fair.
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Thanks for that Eric. Have just read through and feel INSPIRED!!! I feel so excited at the prospect that I might actually be able to regain control over the panics and be able to get on with live without my braain focussing on where I'm going, how will I get there? how many loos are there? how easy is access? should I eat? should I not eat? just how bad will the trip be? Oh, it will be very bad. OK I'll stay at home.Just writing it down makes it all sound so ridiculous but it's exhausting, debillitating and really P****s me off!Thanks again.Sally-Anne
Sally anne, I know the feeling, as I have had IBS for over thirty years.I tried a lot of meds and diets and otc's and mike's tapes have been the bst thing I have ever done so far. They also helped with other non gi issues.With CBT you learn ways to conciously work on Issues, with HT you learn ways to work with the subconcious, which controls digestion, through the autonomic nervous system.
Hi Sally - Anne,Welcome! Eric has some good info there for you!Take a peek at my story link below for some extra info and encouragement as well - also, I just spoke with Mike - I help him here in the US - and he received this letter today - so I am going to post it here as well as in the success thread - so some great encourgement for you.Just remember, while all these stories give encouragement, that everyone is different - some have had IBS for years and years, others not so long - some have debiliating symptoms, others can function a bit, and so on - the best comparison is with yourself - note how you feel when you begin the program, and rate that, and then rate again at day 27, and then again at the end - and at some point you realize, hey, I haven't had IBS and anxiety in a while! It sort of sneaks up on you that you feel better. The improvements continue after program completion as well.We are all here to support and encourage. Take care.Here is the letter Mike received today:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dear Dr Mahoney,I’m sure it cannot be a rare event for you to receive letters of thanks, but I just felt the need to add my voice to the throng!I was diagnosed as having Irritable Bowel Syndrome in June 2004, following a sudden onset which I can pinpoint precisely to a highly stressful event in the January which certainly seemed to be the trigger in my case - although I appreciate that stress is not the ‘cause’ per se. I eventually consulted my GP to find an explanation for the crippling abdominal pain I had been experiencing intermittently for the previous 5 months - frequent episodes of which almost always led on to bouts of tearful and exhausted vomiting. The antispasmodic tablets prescribed by the GP were of little help. I gave up my part-time teaching post as a direct consequence of the condition, focussing instead on my role as an on-line tutor. I would frequently sit at the computer sweating with the pain but of course in this context at least my students didn’t know!I was lead to your IBS 100 hypnotherapy programme... and by the time I had completed it my symptoms had reduced by what I considered then to be a miraculous 70 - 80%. The relief from the dreadful symptoms was sustained and the improvement continued after I had finished listening to the CDs. I can now report that I have been COMPLETELY symptom-free for the past 3 monthsI suffered from IBS symptoms for less that a year. It horrifies me to read in the literature of people who are enduring this syndrome for year upon year upon year - and it grieves me to think that for 80% of these people relief might be merely 100 days away if only they knew! I’m happy for you to use my name and the content of this letter in any way you deem appropriate to help ‘spread the word‘.Words are simply inadequate to express my gratitude for the time, effort, and determination you have brought to the cause of bringing relief to IBS sufferers.Yours Thankfully,Pam DanielsCheshire England~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Wouldn't you know it! Had been feeling really perky the last couple of days and put it down to St Mike's healing powers! Then, BAM. Terrible attack of D on the way into work today. Had to get off the bus twice and go in search of a loo. Really distressed and just made my way home. Feel really miserable and hacked off with the whole thing.I'm due to go on to session 2 today and am pinning my hopes on being taken over by feelings of well being! Thanks for your messages though. By the way do you feel any 'different' if you are hypnotised? I'm trying to work out if I should be feeling any different when I listen to the tapes. I'm not obsessing about it - just wondered!Sally-Anne
Darice here are some sites for the tapes., sorry you had an attack. It is extremely early for the tapes for you. It takes some time to make changes and for the sessions to sink in and make changes. Meanwhile you may have an attack every once in a while. Try not to let it get you to worked up if you have a minor setback. Quite a few people including myself had a setback or two. This is a different process then say taking a pill.You should read this thread, as it can help alot. It talks about setbacks. far as how you feel when doing it, try to get as relaxed as possible. The more you do it the easier it will get. But don't worry about this at the moment. Really all you have to do is listen and finnish the program using the schedule. Focus on Mike's voice and as I mentioned get as relaxed as possible. You'll see.Again if you have any questions just ask away.
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Thanks again Eric. That link answered questions I didn't even know I wanted to ask!I'm a stiff-upper-lip-just sort yourself out type Brit but I have to say I feel very touched, not only by the speed of support I have instantly been shown but also quite humbled at how many other people are going through much worse scenarios than myself and are not worried to cry out for help.After the bombings here last week it's quite lovely to see humanity, love and respect for fellow human beings being put into action on a daily basis on this site.Sally-Anne
Hi Sally-Anne,Eric gives you some good info - you know that along with the purchase of Mike's program, you do have the support of Mike's team - if ever you feel you need support from him, you can call the free-phone there, and leave your contact details or use the contact page of the website.Also, you can email me as well, if you need a natter, as I am on the phone to the UK regularly. Just ask!I had talked to Mike the day of the bombings - he is in Cheshire, but I have friends living in London, so it was a horrible thing to watch - I saw it unfold on BBC as I sometimes keep UK hours even tho I am in the States... the swift action by the Brit officials and the way it was handled was amazing - well done.Take care, and again, don't hesitate if you need to natter - I do it all the time!
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