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Hypnotism inquiry-just curious

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Anybody out there tried this? Does it really work? Are there good Hypnotist in the U.S.?
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I was wondering about this myself....please let us know if you have any information.
Hi JLeigh and tiggster:I am one of the people on the Board who have successfully used Mike001's (Mike Mahoney) gut specific, IBS hypnotherapy tape. There have been a good number of people on the Board who have also, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from them.Mike Mahoney is a clinical hypnotherapist from England who has 12 years' experience treating patients with IBS, and has developed a 100 day, 3 tape program to help people manage their IBS symptoms. You can, of course, go to a hypnotherapist in person, but you have to make sure that they have experience dealing with IBS.I alternated C&D before, with cramping. My C would last for 3 days, and I would have D at least once a week. Since doing the tapes I rarely have C, unless I really mess up my diet badly and don't eat fiber. I have D every 2 weeks, and cramp generally only around my period now.People who have D as a main symptom usually have more dramatic results, and they'll have to speak to that.To get more information on the tapes and how hypnosis works, click on the blue box on the upper left that flashes, "Home of Mike's Tapes", and that will take you to Mike Mahoney's website where there is a lot of info on hypnotherapy. Or you can contact Eric at[/URL] Eric is a member of this board who also works with Mike and can help you with any questions you have.Good luck in finding what works for you!
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Boy, have you come to the right place!
I had IBS-D for 27 years, along with panic and anxiety attacks. I tried hypnotherapy 10 years ago, but the therapist did not know about IBS, so worked on helping me with panic attacks. It helped somewhat, but not with the IBS. I started Mike's hypnotherapy tapes almost a year ago, and I have been symptom-free for 6 months now. The improvement is remarkable, and I highly recommend them.Mike specializes in IBS. I called many hypnotherapists in my area, and not one knew about IBS. It is important that the therapy is "gut specific," and Mike is a leader in this field. His tape course is designed for home use, and seeing a therapist is not necessary. It takes 100 days to complete the course, and took a bit longer for me to see a dramatic change, but it worked great. I'm glad to answer any questions you may have.AZ
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Jleigh, you can read some of the clinical studies on the research page. It is one of the most effective treatments out there.I personally am 80 to 85 percent symptom free.Here are some studies. Here is another post that may help. ------------------
Thank you all so much for your responses.I do have a question though, did you stop taking all medications when you started this?
HI AllJleigh, Never stop any meds prescribed by your doctor, until you have worked with the program for a while and started to see / feel results, then see your doctor and discuss gradual elimination as s/he prescribes.Self prescribed meds should also be continued until you begin to feel better and then gradually reduced.Hope this helpsBest RegardsMike
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