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Yes I saw this article more or less by chance.

Even though it's not definitive(as it is pointed out by the author) it makes at least some acceptable conclusions based on the study done. Basically when the Spring comes(all the way to the Summer time), trying to be as much as possible basking in the sunlight should be nr 1 priority for everyone so that our microbiota can be influenced in the right way, since years of vitamin D deficiency(caused by our "indoorzy" life style that most of us have now a days) can change the microbiota into a state one doesn't want to. Then this can affect that B complex vitamins produced by microbiota(since some of these B complex vitamins are needed to be produced by one type of the bacteria so that it can be used by another one and so forth...

Well I just thought to be interesting and maybe it can help someone in beating this syndrome.
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