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I did on the plane there and back

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I found this site a month or so back after finding out I HAD no options out of attending a meeting out of town and having to fly there. If anyone recollects I cut out the all caffeine intake about a week before and raced to the doc for help, I just didn't trust Immodium. He prescribed me some Librax <sp> and a few Ativans and it worked, although I ate little more than 4 or 5 slices of toast the day before the flight. I continued with the Librax only for the 3 weeks I was away, taking 1 per day, sometimes none up until the day before my return flight which again was smooth sailing, even in an Airbus with only 2 toilets for us poor folks jammed in steerage I didn't even panic after the meal service when the lineup for those two toilets stretched halfway thru the plane. What a Godsend. Since returning I have had a few cups of coffee but I'm being really really diligent about not overdoing it and so far so good. I'm still taking one Librax most mornings, but not everyday. Keeping fingers crossed.
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Great work!!!I am off to Las Vegas next weekend for the Nascar race and I am terrified of flying. I have a huge bottle of Rhox-clonazepam and a bunch of Gravol so hopefully I will be ready. A friend, the one who will be holding my hand on the planes, made me buy Depends. I was so embarrassed but I guess safer than sorry. Do you suggest I don't eat the night before the flight or maybe the day before? I will be scared silly anyway so not eating will not be much of a problem. I am very excited about the races and holiday so maybe that will help. Any advice? I will get on that plane, or rather both planes, even if they have to carry me.siennamover57
I ate nothing but maybe 5 pieces of lightly buttered toast the day before the flight. Also I cut out coffee completely for at least the week before, no cola's, no fruit juices either, just water. That was probably the hardest part. I forgot to mention that on the return flight I even managed to eat the food and had a small glass of water,knowing full well there'd be a huge lineup for the washrooms when everyone was done, which there was and I'm still amazed how none of it bothered me..course the Ativan helped as well with the anxiety
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