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I don't feel good

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Hi all, have been away in Mexico for 7 days. Had a fantastic vacation, lots of sun and good food. Had perfect bowels while away, that's how we all judge a vacation, isn't it? Been home for 2 days and I feel miserable. Am having trouble with dizziness and stomach upset, like I'm feeling seasick while sitting still. While I was away I did have trouble motion sickness, and I took alot of dramamine to counteract it(I get motion sick very easily--I was motion sick from snorkelling). I'm wondering if I'm experiencing a return to normal, now without the dramamine, or if I've brought home a little something extra. The way I fee today, I swear I'm never leaving the country again. Just needed someone to whine to, thanks for listening and hope every one is well today.
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Herelam, I hope you feel better soon. Glad your trip was fun, but it stinks as it seems now you're paying the price. Could be the motion, but I'm not sure.
Sounds just like my Honeymoon in Mexico! I was fine the whole time I was there, but on the day we left I started getting sick. The next week was one of the worste I've ever had. I avoided everything I was told to avoid, but the odds are that I picked something up while snorkeling. Did you snorkel anywhere near a city? Most of them dump their sewage into the ocean, and it didn't even occur to me that although I was 30 miles up the beach from the city I was also up-current from it. Chances are pretty good that this is how I got sick. Perhaps something similar happened to you?
Catfish, UGH, I hadn't even thought of that possibility. The water was so clear and loaded with fish, I don't want to think that it was polluted in that way. My belly is a big bloated blob tonight, feels like something's going to happen and it ain't going to be good. Luckily I'm sticking close to home for a while now, with my job 1 mile away and I'll avoid long walks.
HereIam, How are you doing? Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I would say that Catfish brought up and interesting possibility (ewwww!), so maybe its a bit of a bug you picked up. If you're still feeling bad over a week; better get checked for intestinal parasites (ewww, again!). Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's only a 3-4 day intestinal bug. Well, you had fun while you were there, I guess that's a big plus!
Queen, Thanks for asking, and I am ALL better. The doctor believes I was going through a dramamine withdrawal. I had 7 days of taking at least one tablet a day. I guess that kind of artificially adjusts your equillibrium and when you stop taking it you have to adjust back. So, I was seasick standing still, what a yucky feeling. Thank goodness I didn't bring home anything extra with me. The rest of the famiy's all square, too, so I guess we escaped Mexico unscathed.
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