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I feel like I am allergic to all food!

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I have IBS and am also lactose intolerant. I feel like I am allergic to all foods though. Everytime I eat I feel bloated and nauseous. I would love to find a diet that I can stick to to feel better, but I can't narrow down what makes me sick. Someday I can eat one thing, the next day I can't. I am miserable! Does anyone have any advice as to what definately to stay away from?
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Try eating smaller portions, chew slowly, try to eat earlier in the evening, do not lay down after eating.I take 2 digestive enzymes before I eat, sometimes one after, and an acidophilus every so often, usually at night, but you can also take it 30 minutes before eating. Check out your local health food store.Then, make a list of everything that goes in your mouth. Make a yes, a no, a maybe list of what foods and drinks upset you, and treat the no'slike your enemies, stay away from them. Also the maybes, until later, when you have got your bodyback in balance, and then you can re-introduce them slowly.Next, take the time to surf thru this board.There are many good ideas in various posts whichcan help you.I don't take drugs, but many here have found help with the right drugs.Have you seen a GI doctor recently, had the tests?If not, you should do that. It's important.Good luck.O
Same prob. here. A friend of mine told me to keep an eye out on how much flour I take in? I noticed a diff. It seems like the only thing that does'nt upset my stomach is meat. Weird huh.
I know exactly how you feel. I started a food diary and was stumped. Everything made me feel bad, so I hardly ate anything, and lost alot of wieght. After the food diary, and no connection I ate everything and gained, but there definatly is a connection. My docter told me to eat baby food when I'm really bad, and that has helped. It's pretty awful, but it has worked for me. I also eat very small meals more often. I've noticed sugar, fats, and greasy foods really upset my bowels. So I try to stay away from any processed foods, also citrus fruits, which I love. I stay away from breads too. Try eating just FRESH everything. There are some good books out there and alot of information on this site on what foods to aviod and what foods help. Of course everyone of us seem to respond to things in our own ways with IBS. I tried all the herbs, and NOT ONE helped me. You just have to keep trying!!!! I would go months in contant pain, and now I'm down to a couple days a week, BIG IMPROVEMENT for me. DON'T give up...keep searching and you'll find things that work for you. I know exactly how you feel. Good luck, and keep trying!!!!!GET BETTER!!!!Patty
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Well sometimes we respond bad to our own physiology and the particular food isn't the problem.When ALL foods bother you then my suggestion is eat what you really like, that is nutritious and keep the rest of your health up rather than try to find the one diet made up of 3 things that may not even reduce the symptoms (people can do some really wierd things trying to find "the" diet and pretty much none of them are healthy)If you can eat something on Day one and can't on Day two then it isn't the food. Usually if it is an allergy or intolerance EVERY time you get whatever it is in any sort of quantity you *will* be sick.There are lots of other IBS triggers, food is JUST ONE of them, and for some of us it is NOT the major one.Stress, variation in physiology from day to day, hour to hour, weather, etc etc can all be what triggers the symptoms.If a food isn't consistantly (or at least mostly could be that one bite won't set you off but everytime you eat 1/4 cup it does)a problem than that food isn't the problem.Some people find taking digestive enzymes helps with the post eat "over stuffed" for the amount you ate helps.You may also find that X volume of food is the problem and have to eat smaller meals, but more frequently.Ginger tea often helps with nausea so that with or after meals may help.K
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