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I found my trigger!

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I have suspected two things as triggers to my IBS that I was drinking regularly until about 2-1/2 weeks ago: coffee and coca cola. So I gave them both up at the same time. Today, I decided to introduce a glass of coke with my lunch to see what happens. Lo and behold! A half an hour after lunch I've got the pain in my lower abdomen and I'm running to the bathroom! Now I know for sure, that coke is out of the test: a cup of coffee.So if any of you are coca cola drinkers and you are experiencing IBS pain, I suggest you try eliminating it and seeing what happens. Good luck!
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Caffine seems to be a trigger for a great many of us, and it is of course the obvious link between these drinks. I long since gave up the coke and settled on sparkling mineral water as my drink of choice - much healthier and just as refreshing when you get used to it.Are you in the states? If so do they still make Caffine free coke? I remember when I was over there four or five years ago they had it in some stores, but was it phased out like it has been here in the UK?If not, that might be worth a try so you don't miss coke.You should certainly try decaff coffee and see if that makes any difference.
It isn't caffiene for me. I find hot water to be as effective of a trigger as coffee or tea... It is the hot liquid that gets things started. Cola doesn't seem to bother me much, but then I usually partially freeze it, then shake well and "burp" most of the carbonation out of it. Full carbonation will get me every time though.
DunnyRunner - yep, they still have caffine-free coke here (my dad drinks tons of that stuff - yuck!).Ty
Rosie - just wondering - was the coke "straight" or a fountain "mixed" drink? Because I can drink soft drinks with no problem, providing they are not out of the fountain. The "mix" seems to bother me.
Anxious,Interesting question about soft drinks,I work for one of the "big 2"soda companies and I have some answers that are liable to cause more questions. The syrup used to make prepacked and fountain are identical,there are,however,some differences in the finished product.Prepackaged and PREmix fountain(the kind of fountain you'll find in smaller restuarants,portables at sporting events etc) are made with water that has been highly purified at the point of production.POSTmix(Found in large volume distribution points,fastfood,plant cafeterias,sports arenas etc)is mixed with local water.There may be some food for thought there,I know water I'm not used to can be a trigger for me.Also,both "mixes"tend to be dispensed at a higher carbonation rate than prepacked,so that may be a problem also.Interestingly,I'm aware of a fellow IBSer who can apparently drink pepsi with no problem,but gets set off by coke.Go figure. Rosie,I'm curious to know how your experiment works.I'm a 4-5 cup a day coffee drinker,stopping doesn't help,starting up again doesn't make things worse.I seem to be able to handle the "stealth"caffiene sodas(most of the citrus based flavors have more than anything)but have to take it very easy on colas,regular or caff-free doesn't seem to matter.
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Anxious, the coke I had was right from the bottle, not a fountain drink. I seem to be okay with clear sodas such as sprite, 7 up etc., even orange and grape seem to be okay. It's just the coke or pepsi. I don't know if it's the caffeine, because I drink tea without any problem.Flytyer: I haven't introduced coffee back into my diet yet, I've been feeling good so I don't want to take the chance.
Rosie - guess you don't have the same problem as me then...Flytyer - interesting. I cannot drink water when I'm not at home, everywhere else I go the water bothers me! What you said explains a lot, except the fountain drinks I drink at home sometimes bother me also.
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