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I give up, what does "Bump" mean?

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Okay, you all,I give up. I keep on seeing posts that only say "Bump". Would someone please fill me in on the what, why and wherefore of "bump".Casey
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Hi Casey..It took me a while to figure it out too...someone just types in the word "bump" so that the thread goes back to the top of the list and isn't "lost" on the next is just a way for people to be sure to see the thread!! Hope that answers your question
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Hi Cookies4Marilyn,Thank you SO much for answering. Now I don't feel quite so dumb. It sure is a clever tactic.Casey
That's strange, I see C4M's reply, but the reply counter reads "0". Consider this a test bump.Now the reply counter reads "3." I need a drink, anyone up for a tall rum & coke? [This message has been edited by JohnR (edited 11-21-2000).]
JohnR,I agree with you about the counter showing an erroneous number. I have been noticing that a lot lately. I first thought it was due to my replying to a post and the records not being updated but I've noticed it more lately even if I haven't replied to a post. Computers are goofy.Hi Debbie.P.P.
The counter is on the main page where the posts title are listed. In the column called "Replys" right after the original posters name is a number that is supposed to tell you how many people have replied to this message.
I am sorry for all the bumps but many are grateful to come across the calcium message and when the delete thread is working I try to get rid of all the bumps but it is not right now.Happy Thanksgiving,Linda
Hi plm;Hope you and Chris have a great Thanksgiving!debbie
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