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Hello everyone! I posted this under stories, but thought it might go here, too...

I've had IBS-D all my life. At one point I considered going on disability because I was afraid to leave the house. I've been scoped two or three times, and they found nothing. -I now refuse that test because the prep is so traumatic- I know some of you know what I mean. It's Cologard or nothing for me now, but Cologard is NOT on my insurance so I haven't tried it.

For the last 3+ years I did the following and I had 2 to 3 perfect poops every day, and by perfect, I mean nothing to wipe. I had fewer than a half dozen diarrheas in each of the last 3 years. I had found the golden mean and I was a normal person. Yay!


Green smoothie ( apple juice, carrots, celery, apple, chia seed, plant protein powder, agave, blueberries, mixed berries, ice)

2 Imodium

2 Lomotil

Wellbutrin, 5000iu D3, Claritin, Zyrtec, B-12, DHEA, compounded hormone troche


The second half of the smoothie, no meds

Afternoon snack

Usually potato chips and ranch dip or some other salty snack

2 Imodium (if I remember!)


Meat, veggie, rice or potatoes

2 Imodium

5000iu D3, Wellbutrin

Candy at bedtime (I know...I know...)

Two months ago both my Wellbutrin and my Lomotil started coming from different manufacturers and two weeks after the switch I started with the diarrhea again.

I know you can imagine my dismay! Was it the manufacturer change, or is something else going on with me?

I had numerous discussions with various pharmacists and got my Wellbutrin back to the original manufacturer (Sandoz), but not the Lomotil (Greenstone had a recall and my Lomotil now comes from Mylan). Things got better for about a week, but now I'm back on the D train.

I wonder about the Lomotil, but I can't really do anything about where they get it from.

I'm thinking about trying LDN and/or Lotronex.

I had sorta tried the SCDiet and now see that there's a new kind of carb diet- the MOPED? The MOPAR? Whatever. I'm just really bummed that my regimen doesn't work anymore because life was amazing for a while there.

I can say that Imodium and Lomotil as a prophylactic worked for me for a long, long time.

So that's me. I hope I can figure this all out.

Oh, and don't ever eat iceberg lettuce! Nothing can stop that ######. (Avoid green peppers, too!)
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