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I have discovered one cause

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First a little about my situation, I suffered the extremely painful bowel movements that went away almost imediatly my wholelife so I thought it was natural then 10 years ago the cramps came and didn't go away so I knew something was wrong, I began a search and tried all the usual cures, then I found a calcium that works here, caltrate D, chewables, I have been basically pain free for over a year. Last year I went on a health kick and 3 months ago I started taking centrum ultra mens over 50 vitamins, everything went wellI ran out 2 weeks ago and bought a new batch, but since I am not over 50 I just bought the regular mens ultra, about 2 days later I started having pains again, a couple days ago it became unbareable and I started getting morning sickness, I remembered when I took one a day vitamins I got morning sickness also, so I stopped taking the centrum 2 days ago, the cramps are already gone as is the morning sickness, so whatever the difference between the regular mens centrum and the over 50 triggered my ibs
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Wow Mike that IS something. On this page you will find info about the Centrum Men's Ultra: Men's Tablets Now towards the bottom of the center of the page.. there is a tab that says "Product Labelling". I would click on that and see what is in it and then comapre it to the Centrum Silver Men's Ultra. Here is the info page about the Centrum Silver Men's Ultra: Ultra Men's Tablets Again the "Product Labeling" tab is in the same area on that page.From a real basic scan of the two labels..a few differences were significant in amount in each formula. It looks like the Men's Silver has three times as much B6. Also it has LOADS more B12. (reg formula has only 6mcg but the Silver has 100mcg's.) Another difference that didn't surprise me was the Silver formula has half as much magnesium as the regular formula. With Chromium the silver has almost twice as much. And with the Lutein.... the regular formula has None.. whereas the Silver formula has 300mcg's. So there are a few differences there to take note of.Intersting Mike thanks for letting us know. Maybe others can be helped by this.
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I've been taking the non-over-50s Centrum for about 6 years..........& this has coincided with my nausea troubles. :-kI had considered stopping taking them......but now I've read this post I will try a month without them.
I took one a day vitamins about 3 years ago and threw up right after I took the first one, I tried again the next morning and did it again, so there was no doubt what was causing it, I had forgotten about that when it started again, so it took me a couple days to put it together again since I was all right with the 50+, I stooped just to stop the nausea, I was shocked when the cramps that I had had 24 hours a day for a week stopped the night I stopped taking the centrum, now I wonder if there has been a study that linked the ingredients in the regular centrum to ibs
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