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I have found help, can this help you too?

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Hi people,

I have been struggling with severe and awful-awful constipation for years. I've seen many doctors of course, few have wanted to help me, some have told me IBS cannot show constipation symptoms (?), some have told me it's psychological. What I'm trying to say is that I have, like many of you I think, been through the struggle of losing hope time and time again because of comments like "maybe try fiber" and "have you ever tried movicol (makrogol)?" I feel like I have tried every diet, every laxative, herb, tea, exercise and so on... AND searching this forum for months for an answer. Yet, I'd rarely find anything new. That's not to say this forum hasn't helped me enormously - I have finally felt like my issues are valid.
My point being: I highly doubt that my constipation is considered mild, as much as I've cried in the bathroom.. and despite that, this one drug has worked for me.

People without chronic constipation do not understand the pain, humiliation and hopelessness involved. I thought I'd have to end my life somehow, since as a 23 year old girl when finding this I wasn't prepared for struggling for the rest of my life. However, even if you haven't found the answer - if this tip of mine doesn't work for you, don't for a second lose hope.. because there is so much more to you than this situation you are in.

So, I saw a gastroenterologist last year, and he prescribed me this old dieting medication which he said is not very effective for weight loss, but it's a trick of his for patients with severe constipation, and he said it has worked for 7 out of 10 patients. I have since mentioned this to other gastroenterologists and they haven't even heard of such a thing. The medicine is called Xenical in Europe, the ingredient being Orlistat.
Usually when I find something that works it works for a couple of months until I have grown independent of it, and the effect just wears off, and so I have been keeping my expectations low but now 8 months later, it has basically saved my life... Also, it's not a cleansing herb that will ruin my kidneys and liver over time. I just hope this will last...

I'm sorry if many of you have already tried this and this is too hard for you to read, but I did a search and couldn't find many hits for Orlistat. Please, if you can, give it a try.
I only hope that I have managed to help someone, because I believe that this is truly a life-saver.

PS. after years and years of waiting I get to do a Sitz marker test in a week. Will try to update if slow transit is the case here.
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I've tried everything for constipation but the only thing that works is Dr. Schulze's Intestinal Formula #1.

I take on the average 10 pills out of a 90 pill bottle because I have strong constipation and it seems to do the job.

You can call 1-800-HERB-DOC or Dr. Schulze's website is on his official website. You can order on line or over the phone.

The bottle costs $26 and there is free shipping all this month.
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