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I heard avocado's have magnesium which could be...

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I heard avacado's have magnesium, which could be good for constipation.But, in everything I read, it says to stay away from them because of the fat content.I LOVE them and have been staying away from it for years.Anyone know?
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Alot of whether you can include avacadoes in your diet or not has to do with the overall diet.As long as when you eat them that day's fat intake (or the week-long fat intake) is in the range you are shooting for they are OK. The you can occasionally have a splurge day as long as you balance the spluge out with the surrounding days. Also the fats in them are generally the good kinds of fat so they aren't that problematic.You do need some fat in your diet to be healthy, i.e. essential fatty acids. Note the word essential. The only way you get these is from the diet.K.[This message has been edited by kmottus (edited 03-02-2001).]
Thanks. I have been avoiding them.....and I love them!!!!!!!I'm going to buy one this week and see how it goes.
I think avocados have gotten a bad rap. I think they are very healthy. They have vitamin E. It doesn't hurt you to eat a slice of avocado once in awhile. I eat 1/2 avocado once in a while and I have never gotten ill. I love avocados.------------------
Beach, a weird problem with fat seems to be that while perhaps causing you to go if your constipated, it may also trigger a spasm and hence pain.------------------I work with Mike and the audio 100 program.
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