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I know this has been asked before -- Librax?

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Okay, after I've praised Librax all this time...I'm starting to wonder if it's really that good for you to take. My doc upped my dose from three times a day to four times a day. I take it three times a day because I'm not awake enough hours in the day to take it four times...and before I was taking it maybe one time a day. Anyway, I have noticed that with constantly taking it three times a day I have a great deal of trouble with my memory. I honestly don't remember things and it scares me. I've never had problems remembering stuff and I worry when I can't remember it (I'm only 24). My doctor says Librax is the ONLY thing I can take but I really don't know....I'm changing doctors anyway soon. What does anyone else think about this? Has anyone else had problems like this with Librax in higher dosage?
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Thanks so much for the help. Next time I go to the doc I won't know to ask him about anything else. I guess you either have to be new or part of click to get help around here. I wish everyone on the bb the best of luck and get well wishes.
Heather,There's not as many people posting on the weekends, usually.Anyway, I've not taken Librax, but other drugs that some people have success with are Bentyl and Levsin (both anti-spasmodics), Donnatol, and Lomotil. I don't know what your main symptoms are. Beyond that, some find help with SSRI's and other serotonin regulating drugs.You also might want to try doing a search on Librax; there have been many postings on it in the past.
Hi Heather,My doc prescribed librax for me three times a day,I take one at noon time and dont feel the need fot the other two. But I take a lorazepamtab, 1MG, at bedtime to help me sleep.I use pepto-bismol as my real stomach smoother,I swear by it and have no stock in the CO.
Hi Heather,Are you taking the Librax for painful spasms? I take it occasionally (as needed) for pain and I don't have any memory problems. Have you tried another anti-spas such as Bentyl. Bentyl works just as good for me. You might try it or Levsin and see if those give the same memory effects.Stacey
I warn people about this all of the time. Yes, it is only my personal experience, but if I can save one persons memory by saying it the multiple times I have said it I will.I am 30 yrs old. I took Librax for years when I was in my early 20's. I use to have the memory of an elephant. After taking Librax my memory is terrible. I also went through drug withdrawal (hallucinations, shakes, headaches, etc) for over a month after taking Librax. I still suffer from a bad memory years after taking it.Can't you look into Levbid, Remeron, Loperamide, or something else. I hate to put your doctor's expertise down but I'm SURE there are other drugs you can take.
First of all I want to appoligize for getting itchy with a b on you was not needed but I think i"m stressing really bad because I just started this new job...anyway--thanks for the responses...LotronexLover--Thanks for the info on Librax. My doc took me off of it and put me on Bentyl. This was my first day on it. From what you said Im scared to death that coming off the Librax is going to do something to me. Stace--He had me on Librax to control spasms in my colon and for pain and the D. Taking it three times a day worked really well but was having bad side affects from that much of I said I'm on Byntel now so we'll see how that works.
Good luck on the Bentyl, Heather. My GI switched me to that when I became pregnant a few years ago, since Bentyl is safe during pregnancy. Both Librax and Bentyl worked great for my painful spasms. Hope you do well on the Bentyl. At first I was on 10 mg and that didn't do much so he kicked the Bentyl up to 20 mg and that worked great. Stace
If you taper off the Librax I don't think you will have as many problems as I did. I stopped cold turkey after taking it for years. Good luck with the Bentyl. That didn't work too well for me. If you find it is too weak don't give up. There is always Levbid, Rubinol Forte, and other stronger antispasmotic/anticolonegetics.
I have taken it on long periods (like months) and sporadically too. My experience with this drug is that it works really well but as weeks pass by it stops working for me. Stopping it cold turkey has never been a problem. I was given it when I was 14, back in 98 (23), last year and then last August I started it on a daily basis to help me start at my new job and it did.I have some left in my purse and whenever I feel my stomach giving me problems I take one followed by an Imodium or alone (depends on the situation); not necessarily with meals. Librax does not do much for my D, but helps with the cramps. It may be a real physical effeect or it can be mental (I feel relief right away as I put it in my mouth). Side effects? Hmm, not really sure. I do not feel sleppy, dizzy or dry mouthed. I have even taken it the same day I have a couple of beers and I'm still alive.
DO NOT mix it with alcohol; I have been stupid for doing that.Right now I am going in another direction with medication and I'm not taking it but still have some in my purse and plan to have them there. For me it is not a miracle drug, but helps along with the imodium.
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I am a 50 yesr old man who was diagnosed with IBS-C 2 years ago. Like most people on this board, my life changed dramatically and seemed like most pleasures were a thing of the past.I've had the most success in relieving symptoms from loading up on fiber (20 grams a day or more) and limiting the volume of food that I take in. I am not aware of any 'trigger' foods but I try to stay away from too much protien and most processed foods that remove most of the fiber anyway.My doc considered Librax a year ago but was reluctant to prescribe it since one of the side effects was C. Just a few days ago, we revisited this and he decided that we should give it try.I've had a significant positive response since the first dose. My cramps have diminshed greatly, my bowel movements are productive (and move), I don't have the feeling of incomplete evacuation, my appettie has returned and my overall attitude has improved. It is not a perfect solution but I'll take it for now! I will keep an eye on the memory loss (if I can remember!), but if I become addicted to these - I don't care. As long as it keeps giving me the relief I need. It's been great so far.
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Glad it is working so well for you, jrkatz. I tend to be C so was fearful of trying Librax, but actually it helped move things along for me. In my case, I get C because of the painful spasms that trap the gas and BM, so the Librax relaxes the spasms, allowing the gas and BM to pass. I'll never forget how great I felt within an hour after taking my first Librax. I felt better than I had for months. Glad you are finding relief.Stacey
I used Librax a few years back and it didn't work for me, but it may work for others. Then again, all the prescription drugs I have been given and all the over-the counter medicines, such as; Immodium, Immodium AD, Pepto, Kaopectate, etc....etc.... doesn't work for me either.
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