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I need some advice on how to take antibiotics?!!

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I have mitrovalve prolapse and that means that any time I have to get dental work done I have to take a mega dose of antibiotics as a preventitive measure against getting an infection around my heart valve and antibiotics DO NOT like my stomach or intestines, some I have harder times with than others, vut the one I have to take is a hard one, Does anybody have any sugestions on how to keep it from being sooo bad. Because it is just one dose I'm hoping it wont be as bad, but I have to take it before I go and not after.It usually takes a couple doses to hurt me but this is a BIG dose!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!
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Since I have to take antibiotics daily, I can tell you what worked for me. I use acidophilus(?sp) three times a day. I get it at the health food store and the brand name I think is Jarrodophilus. You have to store it in the refrigerator. Hope this helps.Good Luck,Tom
As the resident bacteriologist and a person who also has to premedicate prior to dental procedures, I can empathize. The advice to use acidophilus is a good one. There are several types of pills you can get at the pharmacy (Ask your druggist about these.) which are non-prescription bacterial replacements. In the last two years, the recommendation for the amount of antibiotic necessary for premedication has been drastically reduced. Make sure your dentist or other medical professional premedicating you is aware of these reductions, because there's no reason to take more antibiotic than necessary.kate
I have to agree with the others...acidolphilus works for me. I get acidolphilus over the counter where the vitamins are. I also have MVP and can relate to your plight. I usually have to use something for vaginal yeast as well. I also eat yogurt on a daily basis. Good luck.
Same here ... mitral valve prolapse, but my dentist recently cut the dosage way down. I take Lactobacillus GG once a day anyway, but when on antibiotics I bump it up to two doses a day which is what the package suggests. It really helps.
LDANNA --- I saw your post here about taking Lactobacillus GG and wondered if that helps IBS in general. I agree it's supposed to help during a course of antibiotics. I wish I'd known. I tried it for nine days about two months after a 14-day course of Ceftin, the world's strongest antibiotic --before I knew what was wrong with me (I got this demon condition the day of the last pill!) I took every probiotic known to man and tested negative on all stool cultures. Then, at my visit to my first gastro in May, I showed the box to him and he said, "Stop taking it. It's done whatever it can do. I know all about it. It's got lactose in it and IBS D people should stay off dairy." After reading your post, I went to my box and I saw it said, "Lactose-free, dairy free!" This guy's been in business 30 years. Maybe 30 years too long? Lactobacillus GG is meant for travelers diarrea, infections and taking antibiotics. But I wonder what it can do for IBS, which is really a sensitivity of the colon. Maybe eventually, I'll put a post up for Flux. [This message has been edited by Persistance (edited 07-13-1999).][This message has been edited by Persistance (edited 07-13-1999).]
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AllinKnots: I forgot to say that the reason Lactobillus GG, which is new, is supposed to be superior to other probiotics when taking antibotics is that it has been scientifically formulated to withstand the major disruption of the gut caused by antibiotics and to stay in the system up to seven days! Boy, do I ever wish I'd been so smart when I took mine. At that point, I took the advice of the druggist and took nothing, as he'd said that the antibiotic'll only flush out the acidophilus as soon as it hits your stomach. If he's wrong, I got a major bone to pick with him. Anyway, you can get it under its brand name, Culturelle, at Long's Drugs for about $12-16. They advise the 20 billion kind, not 10 billion, or else double up. Your druggist can probably have it within a day or so. Or order direct from Culturelle, but THEY charge about $29! Their number: 888-828-4242[[This message has been edited by Persistance (edited 07-14-1999).]
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