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I very much need your input pls.

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I have had major IBS like problems since stomach surgery 18 years ago. No one food seems to trigger D but something sweet in the morning will cestainly guarantee it. Often food goes through unprocessed. Calcium may help a little (I think) Well this morning I had a breath test done that said I was major lactose intolerant. OK, so what? I was given this long list of foods not to eat (many of which I love) but in my long experiences lactose containing foods havent been any worse than amything else. Sometimes I think water gives me D. Does IBS and lactose tend to go hand in hand? Do I do all the things for both? I am most distressed at present and will appreciate any thoughs you may have on this.
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By the way, all of this really adds to the old anxiety level which makes the symptoms worse which makes the anxiety worse--and so on. What works good for anxiety? I think it would be strange to go see a doc and say I have anxiety give me happy pills. I can't afford many more doc visits or tests to be run...
Chetters,Why not try staying away from dairy products for a while and see if it makes a difference. Maybe once it's all out of your system you will see a change. Good luck. :love:
hi chetter,Sorry to hear you have been feeling lousy. One point you made in your post though, jumped out at me.
quote:Often food goes through unprocessed.
This suggests a possibility of Celiac disease (seeing unprocessed/undigested matter in your BM). Have you been checked for that? It is just a simple blood test so not to yuck to have done. I insisted my doc do one on me a few weeks ago and it came back negative (thankfully for me).I also wonder how accurate a breath test for lactose intolerance is? I have not heard of it being done that way before. Was it your doctor that did the test?In any case, I think you need to press for a few more tests before trying any more treatments.Hope this helps some. :love:
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