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I want my life back!

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Hello,I'm new here, and I sick and tired of this IBS stuff that I can't stand it. I never know when I am going to have to run to the bathroom, or even if I am going to make it. Today has been an especially hard day for me. It's ruining my social life and I just want some relief from these symptoms. Has anyone found anything that helps the diahhrea? Vaughan156
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Hi Vaughan156,I have had IBS D for three years now, nothing the Drs gave me really worked all the way. Then from doing a lot of reading I decided to try calcium and this has worked better than all the meds the dr's have gave me. Of corse you need to know for sure you have IBS and not some other gi problem.I can tell you the meds the Dr's gave me did stop the cramping but not the D.Welcome to the BB there is alot of info, and good folks here.
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If Immodium works for you. Get a prescription for Loperamide. You can take it daily.
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