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Hey guys I've posted here once before and received a lot of support but my symptoms have recently changed quite a bit.

So history: I have anxiety and my IBS is obviously anxiety related without a doubt, but it also seems to happen when I do not have anxiety. I have seen my GP and a gastroenterologist (though I'm considering asking for a referral to a different one). The GI doc had me taking a probiotic (which I still do) and then wanted me to take restoralax everyday??? But I have alternating IBS symptoms so I didn't think this made any sense - please correct me if I am wrong, but my GP also agreed and said I should only take that if I feel I need it (i.e.: constipation phases). She also had me taking metamucil - but it made me stomach VERY upset the first time I took it and I've been scared to take it again.

I am a nursing student (second-entry, I already have a degree in History/Psychology) and my symptoms always seem to strike the worst on school days (just regular ones where I am NOT anxious). I have been prescribed lorazepam PRN for when I write exams because then my symptoms just go wild - totally anxiety related. I have yet to take it as it was just prescribed after I finished my last round of exams (I could not take it anymore) so I will be trying it this semester (before my exam once but I'm trying to find a comparable situation of anxiety to make sure it works properly).

Generally speaking I have constipation for 3 days and then I get upset stomach - it's not always diarrhea, sometimes it is and other times it's just frequent/multiple BMs in a day which becomes extremely painful. I get cramping, bloating and a 'burning' sensation throughout my lower abdomen. If I get cramps they are usually LLQ localized, sometimes radiating to the centre of my pelvic bone (but they are not menstrual cramps, I am very aware of the difference). Even when I have constipation I usually get discomfort in my lower abdomen, minor cramping and definitely bloating. The longer I am constipated too, the worse my flatulence gets (and the door is bad).

Right now I take a probiotic daily (just the Jamieson one but if you have any suggestions i am open to switching) and a multivitamin. I wanted your advice before I go back on any of the fiber/etc that I have previously been told to take because I found before it just exacerbated symptoms of the D side of my IBS-A. I have also been drinking lemon tea at nights (with the C) and I drink peppermint tea most days now for cramping which is helpful but in no way a solution. I also take buscopan 10mg for cramps but lately I find it less effective than before and I find that it makes my stomach feel more pain sometimes (not always).

Please share any wisdom or tips for me! I am going to start the LOW FODMAP diet again because when I did it for the GI doctor I couldn't get a f/u appt with her for 2 months (I was supposed to do it for 4 weeks) and I kind of fell off the wagon. Any probiotic/med/supplement/OTC meds suggestions you can give are greatly appreciated, and just general advice. I can't deal with this pain anymore and it's hard to go to the bathroom frequently in nursing as we are at clinical/in long lectures.
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