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IBS does not effect the way we absorb nutrients or damage the intestines.It is a misfunctioning of what controls digestion, not a problem with digestion, so the anemia and IBS are not related.However, you should probably be tested for Celiac disease. That can damage the small intestine and cause anemia. This is a reaction to the protein gluten which is in wheat and barley and some other grains. It may be in some grains that are processed on the same machinery (like oats).If you do a google search on Celiac and Gluten free there are tons of resources on the web to help you figure out how to do that kind of diet. It can take some effort to do (one of my neighbor's kids had it when I was growing up so they would get her special cakes made with rice flour for birthdays and such) but it can make a big difference.Along with the celiac testing you may want to have a pretty complete physical just to make sure it isn't anything else.K.
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