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My mother developed pernicious anemia in her 30's. The doctors missed it because it usually is found in older adults so they didn't look or find it in some of the test right off. She was constantly anemic and had trouble with her stomach, she almost died from the lack of diagnosis. Her mother also developed it in her 60's. I am constantly tested as "anemic" and have yet to get a real answer. I have a colonoscopy every 3 years due to inflammation in my bowels and I am tested every year for a B-12 defiency. With my mom she had the sore tongue, her hair was white at 30, her gums became inflammed and she ended up losing all her teeth, her digestion was definately affected by the pernicious anemia. Are they IBS and pernicious anemia connected? who knows - depends what study and which person you talk to.
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