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IBS and Bladder Infections

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So I'm going to the doctor next week for a checkup, I think I have IBS.. the problem is that I feel I eat healthy and exercise but since I've been 12 I've had very irregular bowel movements, a very nervouse stomach and could have diarreah at any given moment..When I'm not regular it seems that the IBS or my bowels effect my urinary tract and make it seem like I have a urinary tract infection, this isn't the case and I'm wondering if anybody out there has the same type of thing..diarreah all the time and a pressure on the bladder to urinate all the time.. it can get really bad, also being very sensitive in the crotch area.. I'm female btw.Thanks,-N
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There is also a syndrome called overactive bladder (it's kinda like IBS of the bladder).In this syndrome the muscles of the bladder are over active and that can cause frequent and urgent urination, some people get some incontenance from it.Antispasmodics are used for this as well as for IBS. (usually different ones)K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.And from the as if IBS isn't enough of a worry file...from New Scientist's Feedback column: photographed on the door of a ladies' loo in the Sequoia National Park in California by reader Liz Masterman: "Please keep door closed to discourage bears from entering."
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