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Hello, I have a diagnosis of Functional dyspepsia & IBS and recently taken a turn for the worse, when I awoke in the night with an awful 'pressure' pain in my chest and tightness in my throat, which was really frightening. My doctor sent me to Hospital and scans and blood tests showed no heart related issues and was told it was probably my IBS.. and was given only Gaviscon for it, which only helps me with acid reflux.

So now I'm afraid to eat anything and I am only drinking water.. Can anyone tell me how to treat the 'tight' throat discomfort? as this is so hard to live with. Thankyou

The only natural product I've found that helps my nausea, bloating and digestive issues is Pineapple - or more precisely Bromelain. I take this ( from a tin in juice ) when the Gaviscon does not work. and it helps within 10 minutes most of the time. A Bromelain supplement may be more ideal to take, but I don't know the best dosage? Does anyone know?

Lastly how is it possible to have both too little stomach acid and also suffer from Reflux?
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