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Food sensitivities can be variable, as we are all a little different in our body's chemical make-up/heredity as well as any underlying medical problem that may be adding to the cause of our IBS. Generally speaking avoiding acidic foods-those containing citric acid, spicey hot and fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol may make indigestion better. Some have to stay away from dairy as well. For constipation, adding gradual amounts of fiber in your diet; like oat bran or finely ground flax meal can be very helpful along with drinking lots of filtered water. Herbal teas are great to follow the fiber with too. Avoiding cheese, and white flour and refined sugar products is a good idea in constipation as well. If you have a bloating problem, try eliminating that soda pop. Vigorous exercise might not be a good idea, but you do need some exercise. Just do it at a slower more relaxed pace and stop when your body tells you to. Floor exercises, stretches, isometrics/strengthening, and walking exercize is good. Take breaks in between with slow and deep abdominal breathing. Lie on your back with your legs flexed, then on all fours do the pelvic rock, then rest your elbows (bent and extended to the side) on the carpeted floor with your head resting on your hands folded one over the other, then finish off by resting on your left side in the fetal posistion to get rid of excess gas. Welcome to this BB Dr. Kalpana/Bhatt. May we call you a shorter version of your name/nickname? ------------------[This message has been edited by moldie (edited 08-06-99).]
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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