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IBS and Migraine

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Anyone else out there convinced that these are related serotonin-dependent conditions? I found that taking my migraine medication: Amerge (or any of the triptans) will precipitate a colitis (pain) attack, and taking say, Librax, will precipitate a migraine. I have IBS-D which has gotten consistently worse over the years and I'm starting to wonder if there's something out there that would prevent both. Anyone played around with this idea and found something that works well for both problems? I've been looking at 5-HTP as a migraine preventative, but wondered if it wouldn't end up making the IBS much worse. Thoughts??
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My headache doctor has tried me on several meds for migraine other than the normal migraine ones. One was an anti-seizure drug that worked real well, but I was allergic to an inactive part of it and had to give it up. Now I'm on Depakote, a bipolar med and my headaches are no longer worth mentioning and it doesn't affect the ibs at all either way. The dosage is WAY lower than for a person with the bipolar condition, so it doesn't affect the mental part of me.
Tricyclic antidepressants are sometimes used to treat migraines and sometimes used to treat diarrhoea. Of course, finding the right one and the right dosage to help both problems might take some patience but it could be worth a try if your doctor agrees.
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