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IBS and Omega 3

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At a dinner party last Saturday, I was telling some friends about my IBS (since I was sick for a month and they were asking how I was doing). Another woman who was there chimed in and said "Take Omega 3 oils." She then said "my mother has IBS and has been totally healed since she started taking 6 capsules of Omega 3's a day." She continued "she told her doctor about that and he said he recommended it to 6 other patients who have all been in remission since starting the regimen." Does anyone have any insight about this? TH
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I posted this link the other day, worth a read - also a web search on Essential Fatty Acids should bring up lotsa articles. *OMEGA 3s -THE FATS OF LIFE* "In many quarters 'fats' is a four-letter word. The popular perception of fats is that they not only make you fat, they increase your risk of a number of health problems such as heart disease, stroke and some cancers. But not all fats are bad fats. The good ones include the fats in the polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) family, and these are known as 'essential fats', or more properly 'essential fatty acids' (EFA�s). This is because, like vitamins, they are vital to health and cannot be made by the human body - they must be obtained from diet. Unfortunately, as a result of changes in British eating habits, levels of some of these valuable EFA�s are unhealthily low, while in too many people levels of the bad, saturated fats are too high. ..." HTHKKat
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TH3225 Read the thread entitled "flaxseed vs. fish oil". There is a good dicussion of omega 3 fatty acids. It was posted yesterday I think. Anyway it is a recent thread. Redfern
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