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i would like your opinion about my stomach problem.
At Thanksging and into Christmas, I baked a lot of cookies, made candy and ate a lot of it.
Also, on Christmas Day, my husband made a big meal of Mexican foods with beans, etc.
Days before New Years, I started to get sick with gassiness, burping, diarrhea a few times, bloating, nausea, and a sour taste in my mouth.
Anytime I eat, within an hour I start feeling sick.
I can feel the gas move around in my stomach and sometimes it makes a lot of noise.
Can eating the wrong things set me up for an IBS flare for days?
I dont know what to do to calm my stomach down.
Ive been diagnosed with Gerd and IBS and haven’t had problems for a long time.
Im on Omeprazole for gerd.
I know I shouldn’t have eaten this stuff, but can it cause this later?
I need ideas on how to treat it.

Thanks so much!

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Sorry Jazzmynn12345 that you have this over the holiday. It's such a bummer. Maybe you haven't quite worked out yet what makes your symptoms flare?

I know for a sure fact that I could not even LOOK at Mexican food with spices and beans!! (I have IBS-D, with chronic loose stool (though rarely full-blown diarrhea), occasional one-off days of constipation, lower abdominal bloating, trapped wind, food intolerances.)

I am fine with cookies so long as they are very plain. So my supermarket does some really cheap "shortcake" cookies which seem to suit me. And that's about the only cookies I can stomach apart from plain ginger cookies. Nothing at all with fruit or too much "healthy" fibre.

With some people too much sugar might be a trigger? I don't get much of an issue with sugar, but fibre gets to me.

But I can hardly even eat one tablespoon of cooked peeled chickpeas! Or garden peas! Never mind red kidney beans, black beans, lentils or anything else like that. It has to be a really good day when I can tolerate even the 25 chickpeas! Legumes like that are hard to eat for many with IBS.
Sad, because I used to eat as many as I liked and love recipes with legumes.

Weirdly, I can eat chocolate with no issues at all! Even in a flare! Thank you God!

Now I have times when my gut seems fairly normal. At those times I can eat a little more of some foods that might be complete no-no's when I am flaring or gut is more sensitive.
But generally if I eat those foods then yes, I can get symptoms that go on for a few days, and are only calmed by going on my very bland diet which is boring, almost unseasoned except for salt, contains white rice, hard boiled eggs, maybe a bit of steamed white fish, and only a handful or two of a narrow range of well steamed vegetables. I can forget fruit. Plain cookies -ok so long as they aren't high fibre, and that includes oats! Plain cake -fine so long as it has sugar NOT sorbitol or xylitol etc, plain white toast and butter -fine.

Once my gut steadies out on this low fibre, plain bland diet (which can take a few days), then I can MAYBE start to introduce a slightly wider range of foods, starting very low, and going slow. But I have to feel my way through it, getting feedback daily from my body's responses which I don't often know about until hours after I have eaten (discomfort and gassiness) or even the next morning (shakiness and loose stools.)

Have you investigated the Low FODMAP diet?
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