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IBS as a disability?

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Greetings again!Okay, my college has this program or service for those with physical, learning, mental disabilities. I am being earged by peers and family, to go and register myself with them so that professors will be notified...this will ultimatly give me that very soothing back door, of not feeling guiltly when having to leave a classroom and of permanent documentation when missing classes or more importantly tests. I have a nagging feeling that this is a good idea, but I also am concerned that (1) It is not a wildly accepted disability, hence, I may not be permitted, or people will think I am nuts or an looking for an easy way out, or excuse to miss classes...this will cause me to feel even more stressed and embarassed...triggering my ibs (lol) (2) this registering as a disablity will haunt me when it comes graduate school and careers.Does anyone ahve an knowledge or insight into this subject?Emily
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I know there was another student here who did that and the school provided her with note takers (so if she had to skoot out she wouldn't miss stuff) and excuses from classes. I think she also got to take exams at the student services center so she could use the bathroom during tests and be in a controlled environment while doing it so the professor wouldn't think she was cheating.I don't know if it will hurt you or even be in your records later on, but I think it is how you overcome it and handle it that will mean more to whereever you go next than the knowledge that you have something. I'd rather have someone on board who had faced an adversity and found a way to handle it and suceed than someone who hasn't been tested and proven,K.------------------I have no financial, academic, or any other stake in any commercial product mentioned by me.And from the as if IBS isn't enough of a worry file...from New Scientist's Feedback column: photographed on the door of a ladies' loo in the Sequoia National Park in California by reader Liz Masterman: "Please keep door closed to discourage bears from entering."
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