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Masterplan, there's no doubt that there are lots of scammers out there - if I had a nickle for every time I read the words "cure" or "breakthrough" next to a whole load of bilge about IBS then I'd be a very rich woman.I don't think there's anything wrong with you not taking advice from people who have a vested financial interest, and as you say I think that's commonsense. However, the huge difference between people like the lovely Digestrin sellers (the first paid-for result on Google, not the first organic result, which is far more trustworthy) is that the Digestrin people have already proved their uselessness before they've started - 100% guaranteed to work my eye.I think that all people are saying is that you won't catch either Eric or Marilyn, who have both been members of this board since the dawn of time and so - as you have found! - have a lot of fans, sayin anything remotely like that. They don't say hypno works because they want to sell it, they say it works because it works for them, and they've been sent loads of testimonials from genuine members of this board, and they've done clinical trials, and all the rest of it. I think that's all people are trying to say - that you can trust what Eric and Marilyn say whatever their involvement with Mike, and you can doublecheck it and verify too through these boards and and elsewhere.
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