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ok over the week or so i found i was starting to experience IBS C (usually i alternate)I find it hard trying to strain to get anything out. I'm not passing gas either only when i'm in bed .....I was going but at times i wouldn't do anything or when i went it would be small amounts or loose.It came to a point where i was hardly going (if any)Thurs night after work i got home and went but it was only two small stools and friday morning before i went to the docs i went to the bathroom again and it was loose. She gave me a prescription for lactulose.I took one tablespoon and went to bed.I find i have been waking up alot during the night/morning the past couple days to try and go in making some relief.I went this morning and it was a small amount (loose)then i went again after i woke up the second time and it ran out of me like water.i have since been going back and forth to the bathroom most of the day. i feel gas all around the lower stomach and on both my right and left side.Sorry this is so lengthy but i thought maybe someone might be going through or have gone through the same thing.
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lactoloose had a big effect on me when i took it. I think there is a thread on this in the constipation forum.tom
i feel like i want to empty out my whole bowel
its horrible cause i'm not passing hardly any gas!!i;m gonna have to see what i am like tomm and go back to the docs monday
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Holly,How much have you had to eat since Friday?
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