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IBS-C Cure! It worked for Me.. However You Must be Patient

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I'm a 37 y.o. Caucasian female from NYC area and I've been suffering with IBS-C for many years.. first I had mild symptoms.. but a few years ago it got so bad that I was thinking of suicide! I was constantly in pain, was bloated, had horrible tenesmus, had food intolerances, dizziness, fatigue, depression and gained a lot of weight. I was tired and sleepy all the time and couldn't even work (I was living with my mom thankfully). I felt like I needed to defecate all day long.. It was just awful. My gastros had absolutely no answers for me -- in fact I was sure they had no idea what I was even talking about! Linzess was giving me bad diarrhea and fiber was causing a lot of bad intestinal pain. I was desperately looking for cure. One day I stumbled across an acupuncture website that mentioned treatments for IBS. Guys - its a miracle! It cured my horrible chronic IBS-C condition.. However I had to complete multiple acupuncture sessions over the course of 1 year . Plus I was prescribed Chinese herbs... but it worked and was totally worth it. So if you are close to giving up - look into it. Acupuncture + herbs was my last hope and it worked! Just make sure you go to a medical professional not an acupuncturist at your nearest Spa.
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Good to hear, redmetro47! What were the names of the herbs that you took?
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