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Iam 23 years old and have had mild ibs for many years, but mostly ignored it. Aside from cutting gluten out of my diet I went no further and until about 6 months ago when things got really bad for me. I suffered from gas, bloating, sharp pains, fatigue, diarhea sometimes, constipation, frequent urination most of the time. I still tried my best to ignore it hoping it would go away and started drinking heavily on a daily basis to numb myself, but after a month or so it all got too much.

I had to quit working, halt my social life and move in with my father. I have since not even left the house (except to go and see doctors) for about 6 months.

I originally got tested by my GP for H-Plyori, which came back negative. I have missed out on so much going on, and cancelled so many important jobs, missed so many of my friends birthdays, missed my own birthday and missed out on christmas. It was even more distressing because I suffer from BPD & my father also has bi polar, which means we do not mix well together and Iam very vunerable to depression and anxiety, Ive had many panic attacks in the past, sleep paralysis and insomnia. For the first few of the 6 months I contemplated suicide many times, and it went as far as me planning what to do about my post-death, such as writing letters to friends and family. I intially though I might have Giardia, because just before it got really bad i went swimming in a really dirty, weird (kind of) lake in the middle of a city whilst in another country.

Healthwise Iam definately improving compared to many months ago ever since I went to see a Gastroenterologist who was recommended by a family friend. I was having extreme diarhea and was so bloated it felt like i was about to burst (im a slim person but bloating gives me a big pot belly), as well as really sharp stabbing pains in my chest and just below my rib cage. I would spend hours in the toilet and sometimes have to alternate between lying on the floor of the bathroom and going on the toilet. I had to pee extremely frequently but didn't notice this was an abnormal thing until I noticed that other people didn't pee as nearly as much as I did.

The Gastroenterologist recomended I follow the FODMAP diet and i have been doing so ever since, I always knew i had a slight lactose problem. but I did notice that cutting out lactose completely got rid of the diarhea. It probably sounds stupid of me but I have had an extremely bad history of eating habits, including anoerexia as a child, junk food for most of my life, I only ever started eating vegetables in my 20's, only tried fruit from 18 years old, drink spirits neat, smoke, crash diet, atkins diet as a child, get the idea.

following the FODMAP I have been trying to cut out and introduce so many foods, but I find it difficult pin pointing things as there are sooo many different opinions on the net. so now I have reduced myself to consuming: popcorn, rice cakes, beef slices, turkey slices, water & green tea.

I take the following supplements:



-peppermint oil capsules

-just started grapefruit seed extract


-slippery elm

-and occasionally digestive enzymes

I have had a colonoscopy and the gastro doctor said there was no sign of anything life threatening, but that my bowels were quite twisted.

I have been prescribed with Amitriptyline, and am now half way through my 10 day course of Metronidazole.

I have done a stool sample test and everything has come back negative apparantly.

I still suffer from gas, bloating, constipation, sharp pains and also this constant odour of rotting or rotting food, which stresses me out the most. every time I eat i have this extreme odour (rotting food/sewage like) that wafts out of me, and it is nauseating. but Im also just always tired and fatigued, and to be honest can't even think or remember things very well most of the time. the doctor has explained to me the smell is the fermenting of food inside my gut.

I have read alot of things on these forums, and it does bring me a little confidence to know that there are other people going through the same situation, some of which have succeeded in dealing with ibs. But Iam soooo desperate I would do almost anything at this point to stop all this, I would very happily trade a finger or a toe.

PLEASE please if anyone could help me out or give me advice it would be amazing.

I have looked into so many things inlcuding Solesta injections and colonic irrigation. Do you think any of these work or help?

are there any other procedures/remedies i could try out?
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